This sculpture titled "Aquatic Holiday" was created for a patron who wanted something to do with kayaks to give to his wife for Christmas.

This  walrus entitled 'The House Guest" is dressed in a red fleece outfit and is going to visit  friends. He is taking  a small cloisonne fish and his suitcase on his journey. Wasn't there something about visitors and fish after three days....?

This is currently

no longer available

This is a one of a kind piece. Titled "The Steppe Oracle" his head, hands and shoes are cast of hydrocal. He sits on a faux granite step and holds a crystal ball in his hand to predict the future. He also carries a umbrella and a carpet bag along with his suitcase.

This item is no longer available

"The Artic Dreamer"

This walrus is dressed in his forest outfit ready toembark on an inland journey. He is carrying a small bottle of snow as a reminder of home. He sports a starfish on his belt and small shell on his coat and abrass feather in his cap. 

"The Meadow Mystic"

This sheep is traveling to a convention. He has his backpack and wears his special convention hat. He carries a small amulet on his belt.

"Dairy Delight"

This lady is related to the other cow but choses to wear a bright yellow outfit with matching bow. She also sports clover earrings and matching bracelet.

This item is no longer available.

"Mother Superior"

Dressed in off white garb she carries her favorite tome, while strolling the hallowed halls. On her belt is her rosary and a set of keys...possibly to unlock the communion wine on a rainy Saturday evening.

"Arctic Brunch"

This polar bear is off to an exclusive luncheon engagement. He carries a fine silk bag and is taking along a small cloisonne fish.
This item is no longer available

"Serengeti Bell Ringer"

A giraffe dressed in his finest outfit is off to spread the news of the day. He carries a brass bell to let his fellow countrymen know he is approaching.

This item is no longer available.